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Frouke Feenstra, The Netherlands

This year I cycled in 10 weeks from the Netherlands to Ireland, I cycled Ireland around and cycled back home through Scotland. I had a great time and enjoyed Ireland very much! It was my first time in this nice country. I liked all of it: the beautiful
scenery, the history, the music, the culture and the very kind people.

When I cycled through the hills of North Mayo, I lost a little screw of my low-rider. In Ballycastle Martin fixed this problem for me. He didn't want to have any money. He offered me a cup of coffee and when I left he gave me two roles of cookies! Martin: thank
you very much! It was very pleasant to meet you and it was so nice the problem with the low rider was fixed! When I left Ballycastle, I enjoyed the coastline and the view on DownPatrick Head very much.

I returned safely at home in the beginning of july.

Thank you very much for your support and hospitality!

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The scenery is so beautiful.

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Felice fine settimana! Divertiti

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You are really doing an wonderful work, I will following you all time!

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Continued good luck with the business.

Feb. 1, 2017

M Murphy -Shriver

Hi Martin and Ballycastle Bike Hire!,

Thank you guys for all your kind help regarding the hire of cycles in June. All of our party of 8 "young at heart" Irish Americans are really looking forward to touring the Ballycastle area and the ancient fields under pedal power!!!! Cant wait to see that
amazing sea stack. Greetings from Providence R.I., U.S.A.